Closely associated with the catfish scam is the romance scam found on social media and internet sites. However, the romance scam is much more insidious. The romance scammer has one specific purpose in mind, to take money from a targeted victim, who is usually someone at an emotional crossroads in his or her life, looking to make an intimate and loving connection with someone. In her book, “Who is the Real Man Behind the Screen?,” Diana Garren documents her own personal investigation into the romance scam, after becoming a victim herself. Published in 2014 and subtitled “Online Dating: How to Protect Your Heart and Money,” the book is as relevant today, as is witnessed by Diana’s numerous appearances informing audiences about the scam. The romance scam is not going away in the age of social media and runaway digital dating, but, thanks to Diana and others who have rallied to her cause, there are fewer victims. Trace Investigations first became familiar with Diana as a branding and marketing consultant and we credit her with enhancing our internet presence. When Diana asked Trace Investigations owner and founder, Don C. Johnson CLI, to write a review for the book’s jacket, here’s what he said:

“Diana’s many years of business experience in working with attorneys and professional investigators has paid off – she knows how to build a case. Her investigation on the subject matter is forensically sound and her ability to bring the scammers into her confidence is first-rate investigative work. Diana has learned from her mistake and she is now sharing those lessons with the rest of us. Great job, Diana.”
The best way to avoid a romance scam is to know the tricks of the trade of the scammers. Diana’s book will show you. It is available at Amazon and on the Barnes & Noble website for the Nook . Also, a valuable resource can be found at .
Investigating a romance scam is challenging and can lead to a dead end. However, if you need assistance on a romance scam or any personal and confidential matter, don’t hesitate to call Trace Investigations at 800-310-8857.