Cellular Data Recovery

Do you need to recover missing data?

Missing data on a cell phone can hurt your case. Trace Investigation offers cellular forensic services utilizing a remote forensic data extraction machine. This machine will change how you do remote extractions of cell phones and tablets. This all-in-one forensic device for extraction and analysis of mobile devices is on-site and on-demand. We simply connect your device quickly and conveniently to the extraction machine, and our forensics experts will provide you with a complete data extraction along with a #DigitalDNA report.

We offer three levels of extractions:

Basic Extraction

When you see the data on the phone and you want to extract it for personal reasons, this extraction will work for you. You’ll get call logs, text messages, calendars, pictures, audio and video. If you use your phone strictly as a phone instead of a mini-computer, this will get a complete copy of your data. This extraction does not come with reports detailing the extraction and it is not prepared to be used in court. This is the most basic level of extraction and it does not pull information from every section of the device. If you need a copy of any chat data from apps, you would need to go with the next level of extraction.

Extraction Plus

When you need a full copy of the data on a device for an investigation but not for court purposes, go with Extraction Plus. This will give you a complete copy of the data, along with deleted items, geolocation data, application data, web history data, and chat data. This extraction is good for someone documenting their activity for business purposes, for easy review of a device you inherited, or a review of a minor’s device. You’ll be able to review every speck of data extracted from the phone and parse through it easily.

Full Forensic Extraction

When you need to archive the data and the procedure used to get that data for a potential court case, only a Forensic Extraction will do. You’ll receive the raw extraction data, which can then be reviewed by opposing counsel’s forensic expert, along with a written extraction report detailing the unique serial number and pictures of the physical phone. You will receive everything in the other two types of extractions along with the highest level of documentation and the fullest set of data. This data cannot be recreated after the fact. If there’s any possibility of the case going to court, always choose a full forensic extraction.

Some phones block extraction of certain data types. | Geolocation data depends on permissions and settings.

Our cellular forensic service is:

  • Simple and Safe: Connect the phone to the extraction machine, and the remote engineer will provide you with a complete forensic extraction report created by a certified expert. No technical expertise is required at the extraction location.
  • Time Efficient: Eliminates shipping time because the extraction is done in your office or at Trace Investigations’ office.
  • Cost Effective: You save on shipping and manpower utilization so extractions are half the cost.
  • On-Demand: Extractions can be performed on your schedule. 24/7/365. This is our guarantee to you.
  • Safe and Secure: Devices cannot be lost or damaged in transit and this machine eliminates evidentiary chain of custody issues. The device operates from your location on your safe and secure network.
  • Legally Admissible Evidence: Our extractions are legally admissible evidence and our certified engineers can testify accordingly. Additionally, our engineers don’t review the data and can’t be subpoenaed on the content so your confidential information stays confidential.
  • Energy Efficient and Compact: Only 16” x 16” of desk space required and the process is energy star efficient.

We help recover lost data in today’s digital world. When you need to recover data from a cell phone or tablet, contact Trace Investigations at 812-334-8857. We have over 40 years of combined experience, tenacity and resources.