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Save Money and Avoid Costly Litigation for Your Clients

“Can we prove the claimant is engaged in activities that are inconsistent with his or her alleged injuries?”

“We received a tip a former employee on Workers Comp payments is working a job off the books. What can we do to prove it?”

Whether asked by an employer, a claims administrator or by an insurance company’s defense counsel, these are key questions when signs of fraud are present, including injuries that are not supported by medical examination and other factors, such as an employee’s poor performance reviews. When red ­flags of fraud appear in a Workers Comp case, in an insurance disability claim or in a personal injury case, it is best to initiate an investigation right away.

Trace Investigations assists insurance defense attorneys and claims administrators by:

  • Conducting an investigation on the claimant and any witnesses to the alleged injury, looking for prior bad acts or collusion;
  • Conducting covert surveillance on a claimant;
  • Searching social media and other internet sites looking for claimant postings that indicate possible employment or other activities;
  • Canvasing a claimant’s neighborhood, when advised, looking for witnesses to the claimant’s lifestyle and ongoing activities.

The benefits of an investigation:

  • Proof: Video documentation that proves the claimant is engaged in physical activities inconsistent with his alleged injuries;
  • Save Money: The insurance company is in a position to demand withdrawal of the claim or offer a settlement favorable to the insurer’s interest.
  • Litigation Avoided: Costly litigation is avoided;
  • Claim Losses Recovered: Subrogation targets may be identified and investigated.


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