Family Law Attorney Services

Obtain a Favorable Settlement for Your Client

  • “My husband has moved out. My attorney needs to know where he lives, and if anyone is living with him. Can you help?”

  • “My ex-wife has a new boyfriend. My attorney and I believe she’s violating the divorce dissolution by having him stay over when our children are there. Can you help?”

Indiana is a “no-fault” divorce state and it is not necessary to prove infidelity or another transgression in order to obtain a divorce. However, when children or family assets are at risk, an investigation is the best way to protect a spouse’s interest in community property and to insure the safety and well-being of children, who will be facing a traumatic situation under the best of circumstances. Other times, a husband and wife may be joint-owners of substantial business interests and an investigation is needed to determine if one spouse has taken any action to move or hide assets.

Trace Investigations assists family law attorneys and their clients by:

  • Providing service of process at various stages of a divorce action;
  • Investigating an unfaithful spouse to identify a new love interest or other relevant activities;
  • Providing forensic evidence of spyware or malware on a client’s cell phone or tablet;
  • Investigating living arrangements of an ex-spouse to determine the effect on children;
  • Searching for assets or property that has been fraudulently conveyed.

The benefits of an investigation:

  • Protection: Community property and children are protected;
  • Evidence of Criminal Activity: Forensic evidence could prove a respondent’s illegal acts.
  • Better Settlement: Hidden assets and property are discovered;
  • Advantage: Timely service of process;
  • Ability to Prevail: The attorney is able to obtain a favorable settlement for his or her client.


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