Criminal Defense Attorney Services

Achieve More Acquittals and Better Pleas

  • “What are the complete facts surrounding the crime my client is accused of?”
  • “Can I mitigate the sentencing on this conviction?”
  • “What was missed during the original trial that can bring post-conviction relief to my client?”

These are three important questions, each of which may appear at different stages of a criminal defense case. A criminal defense attorney needs to know exactly what happened during the commission of the crime for which the defendant has been charged. When conducting a factual investigation, without the assistance of an experienced legal investigator, the defense attorney acting alone may not be able to counter the resources of the prosecution team in order to establish reasonable doubt.

Trace Investigations assists criminal defense attorneys by:

  • Reviewing discovery information and conducting a crime scene examination;
  • Establishing a timeline leading up to the crime, looking for clues, flaws or oversights in the police or coroner investigation, identifying additional witnesses and looking for exculpatory evidence;
  • Interviewing witnesses, memorializing their statements and conducting background investigations, and providing forensic examinations and extractions on cellular and tablet devices;
  • Providing trial preparation support, including shepherding defense witnesses to trial.

The benefits of a defense investigation:

  • Client’s Confidence Increased: Your client’s confidence in his defense increases with the presence of an investigator on your team;
  • Information to Prevail: You will have a factual investigation for the defense, including witness backgrounds and other evidence not revealed in the police reports, which could lead to the impeachment of prosecution witnesses, the establishment of reasonable doubt and alternate theories of the crime;
  • Forensic Examinations for Proof: You will have real time access to forensic evidence from cellular phones and tablets.
  • Ability to Establish Actual Defense or Achieve Better Pleas: You will have a timeline, a crime scene inspection report, witness statements and other investigation reports to assist in plea negotiations with the prosecutor or in trial preparation;
  • Ability to Reduce Charges and Sentencing: If actual innocence is not available, you may learn factors in your client’s history to establish mitigation leading to reduced charges or sentencing.


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