FAQs: Estate and Probate Investigations

Why is an investigator needed in an estate matter or probate settlement?
Often times, they’re not. However, there are instances when legal issues arise. For example, an heir or heirs named in a will might be unknown to the executor or the estate attorney. We specialize in locating missing heirs. Other times, an attorney may suspect elder fraud by a caregiver or another adult who has taken advantage of an elderly client. For more information on estate and probate investigations, go to our Attorney Services page.

Are your estate investigations confidential?
Yes, to the extent that circumstances allow. For example, we can conduct a background investigation on a caregiver or establish the relationship of an unknown heir to the decedent without alerting the targets. At a certain point, however, we may need to interview individuals, but by that time, usually, our attorney client is in a good position to protect his or her client.

How do you report your results?
Normally we provide our client with a written report, ready for filing with the court. Our reports can assist an attorney in setting up depositions or settlement discussions.

Are you available to testify?
Yes, when necessary. Over the years, a number of our estate or probate cases have gone to trial. Our investigators are experienced in courtroom decorum.

How much do you charge?
It depends. Most of our cases are billed by the hour plus expenses. We work closely with our attorney clients in being careful stewards of estate funds. For new clients, we require a retainer arrangement.

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and checks.

How do we contact you?
You can always call our office from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (phone 812-334-8857). Our investigators have cell phone numbers and email addresses printed on their business cards, and often communicate directly with clients during cases. You can also go to our contact page on this web site and send us a message. If you have a legal matter you think an investigator can help you with, we want to hear from you.


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