We work hard to eliminate doubt that could jeopardize the outcome of a serious matter.

When Attorneys Choose Trace Investigations They Can…

  • Achieve More Acquittals and Better Pleas
  • Obtain Better Judgments and Larger Settlements
  • Save Money and Avoid Costly Litigation

Businesses Which Choose Trace Investigations Can…

  • Protect Assets and Brand Reputation
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Provide a Safer Workplace

Sometimes you’re just looking for peace of mind.

Trace Investigations can help you…

  • Find a long lost relative or friend.
  • Investigate a personal matter.
  • Locate a judgment debtor.

Trace Investigations offers a range of services. Whether you are a lawyer or a business owner, satisfying your clients is a primary concern. 

At Trace Investigations, we work hard to uncover the truth and eliminate doubt that could jeopardize the outcome of a serious matter.

Every attorney needs a reliable work product in an investigative report, just as a business owner needs a thorough due diligence. 

When receiving an investigative report from Trace Investigations, you will have everything at your fingertips, which will save you time, money and energy. We provide:

  • A detailed and professionally written report in a timely manner.
  • Contact information on all principals and witnesses in an investigation.
  • Strict matches on the identification of witnesses or targets of an investigation.
  • A thorough summary of each individual or entity relevant to the investigation

We provide accurate facts and eliminate doubt that could jeopardize the outcome of a serious matter please call us at 812-334-8857 for a FREE consultation.


Do you need to recover missing data?

Depending on your circumstances, retrieving missing data from a cell phone, tablet, or laptop can help your case or give you peace of mind. If you need to recover data, call Trace Investigations. Click here to learn what can be recovered.

Is your cell phone spying on you? Do you know?

Spyware is easy to install. One wrong click by you or spyware installed by someone else without your knowledge can reveal all private information on your cell phone, your location and your conversation can be heard.

You can prevent this invasion with one call to Trace Investigations. Learn more