Our Company

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to eliminate doubt in fact finding, doubt that could jeopardize the outcome of a serious matter.

In civil and criminal investigations that purpose can lead to favorable settlements and judgments, controlled costs and client satisfaction. In background investigations that purpose serves to increase employee retention rates and enhance the caliber of your workforce.

Our Mission:

At Trace Investigations, Inc. we provide our clients with fact-finding and resource sharing to benefit each individual client with answers and information, in a work product designed to lead clients to wiser decisions and better outcomes. We serve regional, national and international clients who have special investigation and research needs in the state of Indiana.

As the business environment evolves and changes, your company’s human resource needs also evolve and change. Our background screening solutions create a baseline of excellence in accuracy and integrity to guide your hiring decisions. This focus is paramount to our company’s mission.

Our Values:

We believe in providing excellence in professional background screening and investigative services to our clients, uncompromised services that recognize an evolving landscape in federal and state laws and regulations, in technology and in the business world at large. We operate in an honest and transparent manner with our clients, committed to a code of ethics and the rule of law. Integrity and professionalism are words that we live by, and our work product illustrates that. Our reports are designed to satisfy your needs and to withstand the scrutiny of an independent audit.

ProfessionalismWe are dedicated to operating at the highest level possible within our profession and in our efforts to provide excellence and high quality to our services. We are in a business constantly influenced by changes in law and technology. Our investigators believe in continuing their education throughout their careers, to better serve our clients.

Uncompromised Service: We will never deceive our clients about our abilities or the results of our efforts. One investigator or analyst cannot be all things to all clients, but our professional team of investigators and research specialists bring a variety of skills and experience in service to our clients.

Work Product: Our reports are designed to satisfy your needs in a work product. Investigation and background screening reports are reviewed not only for accuracy and completeness, but our publication standards are set by an in-house professional editor and author. When needed, our reports will be ready for presentation to a trier-of-fact.

Honesty and Integrity: We will never succumb to quick and easy solutions at the expense of accuracy and quality. We will take no short cuts in seeking client solutions for challenges that require careful planning and execution. Our work product is our livelihood. Success demands truth and transparency.

Commitment to a Code of Ethics and the Rule of Law: We will not choose unethical and unlawful practices to achieve results. We will operative within the law in all aspects of our endeavors. We will not bring to our clients any “fruit of the poisoned tree.” We will honor the code of ethics of the National Association of Legal Investigators and other professional organizations to which we belong.


To eliminate doubt that could jeopardize the outcome of a serious matter please call us at 812-334-8857 for a FREE consultation.