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Leave No Stone Unturned

A Gallop poll reported that 24% of the Americans who responded to the poll had moved to a new city or area within the last five years. Other times, you discover the name of an unknown relative you would like to establish contact with, but all you have is a name from 20 years ago. Locating a missing relative or long-lost friend can sometimes be challenging. Information you find on the web is often outdated or inaccurate, if even there. Social media searches can be frustrating if you don’t have a current name or an idea where the person now lives.

This is when the services of a professional investigator may be required. Our name says it all. Since its beginning, Trace Investigations has assisted consumers by:

  • Searching for long-lost friends and classmates;
  • Locating heirs and long-lost relatives;
  • Locating individuals for service of process;
  • Investigating deeply personal and confidential matters.
  • Providing forensic examination of cell phone and tablets to locate spyware and malware.

The benefits of using Trace Investigations:

  • People Reunited: Long searches result in happy endings.
  • More Locates Achieved: We have special resources for locating people.
  • Trial Delays Prevented: We provide speedy service of process.
  • Online Identity Protected: Forensic evidence protects your digital identity.
  • Peace of Mind Achieved: Sometimes you just need to know, confidentially.


To eliminate doubt that could jeopardize the outcome of a serious matter please call us at 812-334-8857 for a FREE consultation.