“I will not go to trial without the assistance of Tina Skirvin and her colleagues at Trace Investigations. They work collaboratively as an integral part of the defense team, and they are widely recognized in the legal field throughout the State of Indiana.”

Katherine “Kitty” Liell
Liell & McNeil
Bloomington, Indiana


“Tina, thank you for all your help on this case … We would have never, ever gotten this result without the work you did for us.”

Mark Kamish


“I am so glad that I discovered Trace Investigations. I have used them on several matters. They are competent, thorough, and reliable. The information they’ve been able to obtain has been invaluable, and extremely helpful to my clients’ defense.”

Mary Higdon
Higdon Law
Bloomington, Indiana


“Tina, just wanted you to know that … your thorough investigation made a big difference with the client. Thanks so much”

Joe Cleary
Indiana Federal Defender


“My partner’s rape case was dismissed after jury selection but prior to start of trial. It was a he-said, she-said, “He got me drunk and took advantage of me” case, not forcible rape… with the alleged victim’s credibility destroyed, the prosecutor was left with no choice but to dismissBig shout out to investigators Don Johnson and Tina Skirvin of Trace Investigations for their help tracking and wearing down people who just really didn’t want to get involved.”

Karen R. Strueh
Riester and Strueh, Attorneys
Bloomfield, Indiana


“Today, I just want you to know how deeply grateful we are … for all you’ve done over the years to further justice.”

Letter from Bluhm Legal Clinic, Center for Wrongful Convictions,
Northwestern University School of Law, October 2011


“Don Johnson is my Paul Drake.”

The late F. Thomas Schornhorst, Esq.
Indiana University Professor of Criminal Law
Renowned Criminal Defense Attorney




“Our office has worked with Don Johnson and Trace Investigations, Inc. on a variety of cases over the past several years. We have been impressed with their work. They are prompt, professional and efficient. I highly recommend Trace Investigations.”

John W. Richards, Esq.
Bunger & Robertson
Bloomington, Indiana


“ … we were so impressed with your work on our previous case, that we would like you to be our guy on another case … “

Kelli Bernhoft
Litigation Paralegal, The Bernhoft Law Firm, S.C.
Austin, Texas





“I’ve used Trace Investigations for years. They are prompt, thorough and add value to my clients’ cases. I highly recommend using them.”

Fred Schultz
Shultz & Greene, Trial Attorneys
Bloomington, Indiana


“I’ve worked with Don Johnson and his team at Trace Investigations for over 20 years on a variety of civil cases.  During that time I’ve found Don and his staff to be reliable, professional, thorough and responsive to our needs.  I especially like the fact that Trace Investigations will work within the budget we set for each particular case.”

John H. Shean, Esq.
Shean Law Offices, P.C.
Bloomington, Indiana


“Thank you for your recent help on looking into this … I am grateful to you and your team…”

From a client letter, March 2013




“Trace Investigations has assisted our clients a number of times over the years on estate and probate cases and recently with locating missing family members and documenting caregiver fraud. Trace Investigations helps us deliver exceptional results to our clients. Don Johnson and his team always respond quickly and professionally to our requests for their service.”

Eric Slotegraaf, Esq.
ASlotegraaf Legal, LLC
Bloomington, Indiana


“Our office has worked with Don Johnson and Trace Investigations, Inc. on a variety of cases over the past several years. We have been impressed with their work. They are prompt, professional and efficient. I highly recommend Trace Investigations.”

John W. Richards, Esq.
Bunger & Robertson
Bloomington, Indiana




“I greatly appreciated your help and kindness during a very difficult time. I confirmed my suspicions and am moving forward for myself and my two daughters. Better days ahead!”

From a client letter, July 2014


“I have known Don for a long time, and have used his services with success in the past.  I would recommend Don to anyone.”

Tammy Minger, Attorney at Law


“I have found the Trace associates to be professional, effective and versatile. I have had much success working with Trace for criminal cases, family law issues and collections.”

Frederick A. Turner, Esq.


“We often hire Don to help our clients when we need to locate someone or obtain service of process.  He is diligent, prompt, successful and affordable!”

Catherine Stafford, Stafford Law Office, LLC.





“I have relied on Don Johnson and Trace Investigations for a number of years for their expertise in background investigation and employment screening. They provide first class, professional services.

Dennis L. Troy, Capt. USN (Retired)
Corporate Security Director
(We honor the memory of the late Dennis Troy, a good friend and patriot.)


“Integrity. There may be some investigators who have as much as Don, but none have more; a consummate professional who, for 15 years, has never let me down. His work ethic and product are upon which I have confidently relied. An honor it is knowing Don, and through his incredible performance, I have learned how investigations should be.”

Herb Simon, CPP
Pinkerton & Associates


“Thank you for your recent help on looking into (a business matter). You saved us from a bad investment. I am grateful to you and your team …”

From a client letter, March 2013



“Thank you for the help you have offered us. You are the only person who has shown Tom and me any compassion for our search for Megan. Thanks again!”

From a client letter, January 1999


“Don, a belated but heartfelt note to thank you and Tina for all that you have done to help me on what I always call a ‘knotty problem.’ Thank you for the peace of mind you have given me. My warmest regards.”

From a client’s thank you note, June 2017

“Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedules to share your knowledge with our advocates. We are truly grateful to have your support.”

A thank you note from Monroe County CASA, Bloomington, IN

“You guys are 2 for 2 (100% success rate) on really coming thru for me; 1st – finding that guy …  that almost stiffed me on a collectible … (finally got it), and then 2nd – finding and setting up correspondence with my biological mother. Pretty hard to top that …”

From a client email, November 2021


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