Is your client losing profit due to unexplained loss of inventory and fraudulent disability claims?

U.S. businesses lose approximately five percent of their revenue each year to various forms of occupational fraud. The median loss for all cases reported was $150,000, and over 20% of those cases involved losses of $1 million or more.

While most disability and Workers’ Compensation claims are legitimate, studies show that up to two percent or more of all workers’ comp claims are fraudulent.

Over an extended period, these losses impact a company’s bottom line in lost sales, inventory replacements, increased insurance premiums and other human resource expenses.

Trace Investigations will help you help your client stop the financial bleeding by:

  • Investigating suspicions of inventory losses due to employee theft;
  • Investigating diversion of product from wholesale or retail supply chains;
  • Investigating employees suspected of workers’ comp and disability fraud;
  • Providing forensic examinations of company cell phones and tablets for unauthorized intrusions, spyware, and malware;
  • Investigating sub-contractor and vendor frauds and deceptions.


  • Inventory Losses Explained: Employee theft is verified and controlled;
  • Product Diversions Stopped: Product diversion from the normal wholesale or retail chain eliminated;
  • Business Costs Controlled: Insurance premium increases and other added expenses can be mitigated or eliminated, impacting the bottom line upward;
  • Business Relationships Honored: Standards of care expected by insurers and other providers, business partners, and stakeholders met.

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