For almost thirty years, Trace Investigations has worked hard to earn your trust and confidence in the critical services we provide. With that in mind, this issue of our newsletter introduces a new service to combat “cyber spying.”

For many years we have offered electronic countermeasures more commonly known as “debugging,” searching for hidden voice and video transmitters in homes and offices. However, in today’s digital age a person’s cell phone is in danger of being compromised by spyware. As we have recently experienced in numerous investigations, someone can install spyware on a cell phone with limited technical know-how, from anywhere around the world.

Simply opening an unassuming text message can install harmful spyware and allow someone to spy through your cell phone. Spyware can track locations, and listen through a phone’s microphone to record calls, conversations, and meetings. Spyware can also see through a camera on the phone in real time, retrieve text messages, emails and steal photos and videos. One wrong click on a cell phone and you have been compromised.

It’s amazing how reliant we have become on our cell phones, and how much of our personal and business information we store on them.

Trace Investigations has partnered with a leading U.S. based digital forensic lab which has developed a portable device (known as a Digital Forensic Gateway) that will scan for, identify, and remove spyware from cell phones. We have the ability to come to you and your clients with this mobile device specifically designed to perform full data extractions and comprehensive spyware scans on cell phones. The scans take only minutes, the phone never leaves your possession, or your client’s, and no one else views any of the contents on the phone.

Trace Investigations is now primed to be your source for these critical services for cell phones and tablets, including video enhancement and image processing, with the ability to detect alterations in video or photographic evidence. We help protect your assets in today’s digital world.

For a forensic analysis of cell phones or tablets, contact Trace Investigations at (812) 334-8857.