You know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is! It’s that time of year for unbelievably good deals, season’s greetings, and all those extra holiday purchases making this one of the most effective times of the year for hackers to sneak phishing emails and other social engineering attempts under the radar amidst all the holiday cheer and confusion.

The holiday season is in full swing. Unfortunately, that also means hackers will be looking to leverage every ounce of holiday chaos to increase their chances of success when it comes to malware delivery, infiltration, virus infections, cyber espionage, and theft.

Time is of the essence when an organization is attacked, with every delay potentially compounding both the effectiveness of the attack and the cost of remediation. During the holiday season, the Trace Investigations team and Black Swan’s digital forensics remote extraction machine can offer you peace of mind during the hectic holiday season by providing recovery and remediation expertise on your cellular and mobile devices.

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