By Rebecca Gieselman

For an investigator a surveillance assignment presents numerous challenges. Each case has unique circumstances that could present obstacles to success, or offer unexpected opportunities. Typically the client will provide a name, image, address and brief background on the subject. The assigned investigator is left to fill in the blanks. Some surveillance assignments require the investigator to familiarize themselves with the subject’s routine or daily activity, while other assignments might be exclusive to one location or event which must be researched. Social media has proven to be a useful tool in narrowing down the subject’s likes and dislikes, their possible associates and even their whereabouts. However, even after preliminary research, surveillance can continue to present variables. The uncertainty of surveillance can be compared to trying to predict the weather; it’s often times an educated guess. Preparation and flexibility are the keys to success.

The team at Trace Investigations has the resources and experience to prepare for extraordinary surveillance assignments. Our investigators have worked with unusual circumstances that have called for them to sit countless hours in the woods, sunbathe on a beach, and even attend a convention. Then, suddenly, after hours of surveillance, the preparation and patience pays off with an activity or incident that makes the case, “the money shot,” as we like to say.

The Boy Scouts have it right: Be prepared.

When you need to get the “money shot” call Trace Investigations at 800-310-8857.

Becca Gieselman is a legal investigator with Trace Investigations. A 2015 graduate of Indiana University’s journalism school, she just celebrated her one year anniversary with our firm.