The Covid-19 pandemic introduced the world to a deadly virus, a deadly “bug” sweeping across populations seemingly unchecked for too long. As the fight against the coronavirus wages on, we all have done our best to address this new reality in our personal and professional lives. At Trace Investigations, we have adapted to the new safety protocols for businesses and our workflow is returning to normal patterns. And, once again, we are dealing with a different kind of covert bug — hidden GPS trackers — which attack a client’s mental health and wellbeing in an entirely different way than the coronavirus.
Technological advances have made it easy for others to hide Bluetooth, GPS, or Wi-Fi enabled devices in and on your vehicle. We have added a new countermeasures weapon in the fight to protect and safeguard our clients’ privacy.
In addition to conducting a physical “bug sweep” of a client’s vehicle, we will deploy our sophisticated radio frequency detector in the search for a hidden Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi device in or on your car. The “iProtect DD1206” can locate digital and analog frequencies up to 12GHz. Our “iProtect” service is the ideal option for a client whose whereabouts and information shared in confidence are continually being compromised by unknown means.
Health care professionals continue the fight against the covert bug known as Covid-19, including the deployment of the latest technology to assist in contact tracing. Trace Investigations supports those efforts, and continues the fight against hidden GPS trackers to ensure our clients’ right to privacy.
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