Case Studies: Family Law

Violation of Child Custody Agreement Proven

The grandparents of little Tammy Roberts were referred to Trace Investigations by their son’s attorney, Terri Morgan. They were willing to finance an investigation into their ex-daughter-in-law’s lifestyle when she had custody of Tammy. They suspected Diane Roberts was once again seeing an old boyfriend in violation of the child custody arrangement agreed to when their son, Jim, divorced her. They were concerned that the boyfriend, her former drug supplier, was staying over when Diane had custody of Tammy and that Diane could be using drugs again.

We confirmed the grandparents’ suspicions. Over three weekends of surveillance when Tammy was staying with her mother, we proved the boyfriend was staying over. We also established that on two occasions Diane left the child with the boyfriend while she ran errands, again in violation of the divorce agreement. Further investigation revealed that the boyfriend had recently been charged with manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine.

Result: Upon a petition for modification, the court granted Jim Roberts full custody of his little girl, granting only supervised visitations to Diane, who was ordered to seek drug counseling.



A Wronged Spouse Prevailed in a Divorce

The caller said she was a doctor’s wife and her attorney advised her to contact Trace Investigations. She had suspected her husband for a while of having an affair, and that he was most likely going to be with the woman at an upcoming convention. The doctor’s wife could not attend the convention but she could finance an investigation without her husband knowing. Arrangements were made and an investigator flew to the port city where the convention was just starting. Over the course of the three-day convention the doctor was documented with a young woman in intimate settings at various restaurants. They also shared a suite in the convention hotel and visited local tourist sites together. Subsequent investigation identified the young woman and established that the doctor, through his office account, was paying for an apartment for the young woman. When the doctor returned home from the convention, he discovered he had been locked out of his home. Trace Investigations provided a report to the wife’s attorney, who was able to obtain a favorable divorce settlement for his client.

Result: A wronged spouse established a violation of trust and received favorable distribution of community property in a divorce settlement.


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