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Missing Persons, Locates Services and Service of Process

Leave No Stone Unturned

A recent Gallop poll reported that 24% of the Americans who responded to the poll had moved to a new city or area within the last five years. Cases move slowly through the courts. Clients and witnesses move and locating them can sometimes be challenging.

This is when the services of a professional investigator may be required. Our name says it all. Since its beginning, Trace Investigations has assisted attorneys and others by:

  • Skip tracing judgment debtors;
  • Searching for  missing witnesses, missing persons and runaway teenagers;
  • Locating individuals for service of process;
  • Locating heirs and long lost relatives.

The benefits of using Trace Investigations:

  • People Reunited: Long searches result in happy endings.
  • More Locates Achieved: We have special resources for locating people.
  • Trial Delays Prevented: We provide speedy service of process.
  • Judgments Settled: Debtors found and assets determined.


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