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FAQs: Missing Persons

What do you mean by “missing persons”?
We use the term generally to refer to someone a client cannot locate. The missing person could be a long lost relative named in a will, or someone who has skipped out on a debt or civil judgment, such as a tenant. A missing person could be a witness in a civil or criminal defense investigation and our attorney client has lost track of them. In this day and age, people move frequently. For more information on missing persons investigations, go to our Missing Persons Services page.

What do you charge to find someone?
Our fee will often depend on why the person is designated as missing. We have what we call a Basic Skip Trace fee of $250, which is easy to apply if you have a prior address or other identifiers on an individual, and he or she is not a “hard core skip,” someone who lives on the underground economy and is avoiding creditors. In those cases, our hourly rate and expenses would apply. Long lost heirs, for example, often require a regular investigation, because the information available on them is several years old.

How do you find people?
The resources we apply in searching for someone depend, again, on why that person is designated as missing. We have access to numerous proprietary and public databases, which often times after a few hours of investigation can lead us to where the missing person has moved. Other times, on older files, we have to have “boots on the ground,” an investigator knocking on doors and asking questions.

Do you guarantee that you can locate someone?
No. There are no guarantees in this business, other than our devotion to duty. We will work as hard, and as smart, as possible within the budget agreed to with the client. However, it’s hard to disappear unless you have the resources to do so.

Do you search for people on a contingency fee basis?
No. We’ve had clients in years gone by who offered us a percentage of a judgment held against an individual if we locate the person and they collect on the judgment. The reason we decline is not because we worry about not being able to locate the person; we worry about our client’s ability to collect on that judgment. Many people who skip out on civil judgments don’t have the financial resources to pay the debt, or by the time they are found, their resources are depleted.

How do we contact you?
You can always call our office from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (phone 812-334-8857 or 800-310-8857). Our investigators have cell phone numbers and email addresses printed on their business cards, and often communicate directly with clients during cases. You can also go to our contact page on this web site and send us a message. If you need to locate someone on an important legal matter, we want to hear from you.


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